Unveiling Grand Haven: Home of Your New Favorite Dispensary, New Standard

Welcome to Grand Haven, Michigan, a picturesque town known for its long sandy beaches and rich maritime history. Nestled in the heart of this charming city is a new gem – your new favorite dispensary, New Standard Grand Haven. It’s not just what we offer, but also where we’re situated that makes us outstanding.

Discover Grand Haven’s Rich Culture

Beyond being a haven for recreational cannabis, Grand Haven is also popular for its fascinating points of interest such as the Grand Haven State Park and the musical fountain. Complement your New Standard experience by exploring these local attractions to further immerse yourself in this captivating community.

New Standard — More Than a Dispensary

New Standard Grand Haven offers more than just quality products; we also offer an unforgettable customer experience. Our staff are well-trained, always eager to guide our customers through our vast product options. We take pride in providing only the best cannabis strains in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

Explore Beyond the Norm

Not to forget, the area surrounding New Standard is bustling with activities and tourist attractions. From the pristine shores of Lake Michigan to the historic downtown area filled with unique shops and delicious dining options, there’s more to Grand Haven than meets the eye.

So come visit us at New Standard Grand Haven and make the most of your Grand Haven experience. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, we can guarantee that our dispensary is as remarkable as the town we are situated in.