The Best Dispensaries for Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis in Southern California.

Since its establishment in 2006, MMD Shops has been offering top-quality medical marijuana and recreational weed across Southern California. With four locations sprawled across Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Long Beach, Burbank, Hollywood, and Santa Monica, MMD Shops stands as a beacon for cannabis enthusiasts and patients alike.

A Closer Look at Our Dispensaries

Under MMD Shops management, each dispensary proudly delivers a safe, informative, and personalized cannabis shopping experience. Our staff takes the time to understand every customer’s needs, preferences, and goals – ensuring they walk away satisfied.

MMD Shops: Leading the Way in Cannabis Innovation

MMD Shops continually strives for innovation in the cannabis industry, not simply content to offer a variety of high-quality strains. We aspire to be educators, pioneers, and above all, your trusted souce for cannabis products across Southern California.

With MMD shops, you’re not just buying marijuana; you’re investing in a journey of cannabis discovery. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey, Long Beach, Burbank, Hollywood, or Santa Monica, drop by and discover the MMD difference today.