Muskegon, the New Standard for High Times!

Muskegon, MI has always enticed visitors with its breathtaking beaches, top-knotch breweries, and breathtaking sunsets. But recently, our charming town has been captivating a whole new throng of tourists eager to explore our blossoming recreational and medicinal cannabis industry!

Oh, we’ve heard it all, from “Ganja on the Grand River” to chuckles about us becoming ‘Pot City, USA’. And to these, we say, “Why not?”. Simply put, we’re not just good at growing prize-winning petunias; we’re also aces at cultivating cannabis!

Here’s a fun fact for you: Recreational cannabis sales in Michigan soared to the moon surpassing $341 million in 2020! And who says we don’t know our ‘buds’ here in Muskegon, huh? All thanks to companies that are setting new standards, transforming your preconceived notions into pre-rolled celebrations!

So, the next time you think of Muskegon, let our legendary sunsets vie for attention with something that’s now shaping the ‘high points’ of our beloved town. And remember, whether it’s for medicinal use, recreational fun, or a good old ‘Mary Jane’ tourism spree, Muskegon has got you covered!