About Wurk: Pioneers in Cannabis Workforce Management

Wurk is a trailblazer in the bustling Cannabis industry, dedicated to streamlining Cannabis Software solutions. With our specialty in Human Capital Management for Dispensaries, we believe in nurturing business’ most valuable asset – their workforce. As industry-leading Cannabis Payroll Providers, Wurk isn’t just about numbers. Our vision extends towards providing payroll systems that ensure compliance and efficiency, all while nurturing effective human resource management.

Striving towards innovation, Wurk offers specialized business solutions that cover all aspects of Cannabis Workforce Management. We champion businesses, helping them grow, remain compliant and thrive in the fast-paced world of Cannabis retail. From onboarding employees to managing payroll, our robust software serves as a one-stop solution that is flexible and scalable for any operation’s needs.

Taking it a step ahead with our advanced Canna Recruiter service, we’ve revamped cannabis recruitment, making it easier for employers to find top talent in the cannabis industry. Entrusted by several industry leaders, Wurk is instrumental in shaping the future of cannabis business operations. We offer services tailored to your needs coupled with unparalleled support, guiding you every step of the way in your cannabis enterprise.